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“Madonna of the Ways” By Jeanne Tiefenbach

“I have this book and love it. It is a beautiful work of art. It shows that our Blessed Mother loves us in many many ways. I have given this book as a Gift to many of my friends for: “Thinking of you when you are ill” or for a birthday or just because I know you will relate to what a mother’s love is all about, whether you are the mother doing and giving these ways or the person that recieves this love. I am sure each picture will fill you with wonderful thoughts of love, compassion and joy! - Angie S.

“ Through her art and deep love of Our Lady, Jeanne Tiefenbach has created a treasure that will be cherished not only by mothers, but by all women who find their purpose in joyfully performing everyday tasks with pure love. Look closely and you will see your own face in this devoted gift of her heart. “ - Sara E. S.

“Jeanne has accomplished the unthinkable for women in today’s world. A moment to sit back and reflect on the tasks women take on daily-and the good that comes from that effort. The service we give to our family and friends are gifts from our loving God. She, by prose and picture, tells us our worth. I would give this book to every mom, to be sure-but to all women for the recognition of the love and support they never seem to run low on:-)”
Kathleen T. (Cleveland, OH USA)

”I found this book to be written from the heart and truly inspirational. I’m looking forward to future publications.” - Jackie F. (Aurora, Ohio)

”I agree with all the four previous reviews.
Jeanne Tiefenbach is a multi talented artist. Her special devotion to Mary makes this this book an inspiring and beautiful work of art.
I treasure this book as do those to whom I have given it as a special gift. It is endearing for any gift giving occasion.” - Diane M. (Broadview Hts., OH)

”Jeanne Tiefenbach has two passions in life — her art and her religious beliefs. In this book, she has beautifully combined the two. Her meditations are thought provoking and her illustrations are beautiful. She depicts the Blessed Virgin in her very human roles of woman, wife and mother. These are roles most women can identify with and Jeanne illustrates times most of us have experienced in our own lives. Her insight makes this a very personal book. A perfect Mother’s Day gift!” - Valerie C. (Cleveland, Ohio)

”This is truly an inspirational book for all! I ended up buying a copy for my mother for Mother’s Day. After reading the book, I bought two more copies: one for my grandma (who was at the time battling cancer) and another for myself. I often re-read this book when I am down, confused with life, or need some extra motivation. I highly recommend this book. The pictures (handpainted in the original version) are absolutely breathless and the message is timeless.”

The Book

"Madonna of the Ways" , by Jeanne Tiefenbach

This book is more than a series of paintings with meditations. For me this project has been more than a book. As a book, it is quite humble, but I have watched even myself come to realize that there is something beyond what I could have ever come up with on my own accord.

When we say the Hail Mary, who do we find in the center, in the middle of the prayer itself? Jesus. It is as though Mary is holding her son in her arms with the first half of the Hail Mary which is so biblical and then the second half is the plea of all her children aimed ultimately at her Son.

As I reread this book from time to time, I find new things. How is it that I didn't notice some of the blessings built into this humble format? It seems that as you go through the pages there are little prayers that make up a Hail to Mary and it ends with the Hail Mary. So if this is like the prayer, the Hail Mary, then Jesus is centered right in the middle of this little book. And the point of this book is to draw you closer to Jesus in your daily doing in each present moment.

With Love, Jeanne [Tiefenbach-Henderson]

Style & Quality


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Hi Jeannie.   I love my Mary Ring!  Wear it daily as a reminder that Mary is with me.  As I finger it in times of "stress", anxiousness, thankfulness or prayers for others, I know Mary is listening.  And, She answers my prayers!  When I take it off at night, I "thank" her for the days blessings, guidance, and love.  Mornings, my prayer is to guide my day, help me to be kind, sincere and loving and to thank God for the many gifts; family, friends, health, etc.

Thanks Jeannie for creating this daily reminder.  You are loved!   Celeste



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