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Prayer and Meditation books, cards & jewelry! And New Art!

Using art as a source for prayer and meditation, my book, ‘Madonna of the Ways’ is a humble way to draw you in to that prayer space. The greeting Cards and Jewelry are specifically designed with the intent to honor Mary, as she always points to her Son, Jesus.

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Vera Luagina BONACCI. DBA October Sun Studios, Ltd. 


October Sun Studios introduces the Contemporary artwork of Vera Bonacci. The name Vera Bonacci is the birth name of Jeanne Henderson.


Join us on a Wellness Journey : Let me coach you to success!! Next class begins on January 6, 2020

What a great way to begin a new year, a new decade. Join the food revolution. Regain your health and Vitality!


Water, Energy and Sleep Systems : Be healthy by choice and not by Chance


If you look below, you will see the 3 major components of the Nikken line of wellness products. I suggest a great starting point is the water.  Drinking water that is pennies per gallon, removes sediments, pollutants, heavy metals, odors, colors, chlorine, detergents, chemicals and so much more, as well as adding antioxidants, sodium and potassium ions, minerals and oxygen, and regulates the PH. Plus it energizes the water molecules as it pours from the spout. Whether you start with the PiMeg Waterfall or the sport bottle, it will be a great beginning to hydrating your body and relieving your organs of attempting to get rid of all those toxins. 

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