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About Eric Emeades

Jeanne HendersonComment


Eric is the founder of WildFit.  I’d like you to know more about him so I gathered this information so you could see the man behind the journey I have chosen to follow.  I find Eric both delightful and harsh.  He has a sensitive side, but will speak the truth because of his sincere passion.  He’s a breath of fresh air in so many ways.  He is a loving father and his wife must be a  very strong and passionate woman as well. Eric travels probably close to 200 days out of the year doing more than just WildFit.  He’s focused and truly passionate about all that he does, including his family. His speaking style is actually entertaining, I find him easy to listen to, but I can see that some might find him to be annoying in some ways.  I think he does that on purpose.  He’s made some amazing connections, e and a wealth of knowledge through experience.  He has the guts to speak the truth, but before he speaks he does his research.  He’s compassionate and empathetic in that you can tell he really cares about each person he speaks with, and to whatever audience he presents.  I suggest listening to his you tubes on anything. He is engaging and will make you laugh, make you think and ponder.  He will make you ask the right questions.  So the man behind this program I have decided to make a side career will be revealed here as my main source is his website, https://ericedmeades.com/about/, but there are many who agree with me. Eric is a phenomenal person who will say the right thing the right way to create the right change, the change that needs to happen to make this world a better place today and for our future generations.  

Check out his website and go to ABOUT. Learn more about the man behind WildFit!