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What I ate yesterday!

Jeanne HendersonComment

So it ‘tis another season of celebrations. Graduations, Father’s Day, Birthdays and just family gatherings…. I could have easily not given in, but truth be told, I did. I used these eating out gatherings as a ‘test’ to see how my body would react to some ‘non-functional ‘ foods - like pasta and jalapeño bits stuffed with cheese and chocolate cake. It was a learning experience, i just needed to relearn. But actually, on WildFit, these can be compared to ‘cheat days.’ We just don’t call them ‘cheat’ days. It’s more like a rotation scenario. But it’s a post program option, along with a variety a fasting techniques. Once your body has been ‘re-set’ to the human diet, straying now and then in a controlled manner, is possible, without totally ruining all your progress. Once you have gone well beyond ‘will power’ - which only works temporarily at best - your power and your passion to live WildFit is just so much more satisfying. You become so much more aware of the benefits - on many levels, it’s more difficult to go off track than to just stay focused on what makes you feel so great!

Don’t forget to check out my Self Care page. Check out those links. I’ll be adding more links here in the blogs soon! So please feel free to join, comment and follow this amazing journey!!

Hang in there tribe!! I’m looking at Coaching my first class by the end of July, all things going as planned!! It would be a great time to start the 90 program! More on that later!!