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Why I prefer WildFit to paleo and Keto

Jeanne HendersonComment

Hi tribe, hope you were able to catch up. Did you read the previous posts yet. Jumping in here may be a bit confusing. I know this is body and soul, and today I am focusing on the body, our temple. It’s mostly about feeding our body a human diet as opposed to a ‘captured’ diet. I’ll explain captured diet in another post, but I get asked if WildFit is similar to Keto and or Paleo. It is somewhat close but there are major differences. Wildfit has seasons, which will are better to be experienced in the program the way it is laid out, and doesn’t seem like much until we get into the anthropological perspective. I know that sounds deep! But Keto and Paleo just have a list of foods to eat and you go from there. Paleo is a bit closer, but still not quite on the path to offer the most benefits. I can give you a list of foods, but it is actually more about your relationship with foods and understanding not only your body, but also the sourcing of the foods you eat. Yeah, not making headway here, but I can offer in person explanations to your questions, if you are interested in making permanent change, even reversing some issues. I have actually heard of cases where type 2 diabetes has actually been reversed and pre-diabetic completely reversed or brought back to normal. If you haven’t watched the video on my Self Care Tab for Nutrition, I suggest you take a few moments to do that, it’s an eye opener. Plus you get to meet Eric. He’s an amazing speaker. He’s authentic and strangely entertaining. Also, I will be able to offer one time discounts on June 26th at an EXPO in Independence. Let me know if you are interested in any details for that event or we can make arrangements to chat. Go to contact and let me hear what your concerns or questions. Also, anymore questions about Paleo or Keto? Let start a dialogue!!