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Wellcome aboard!! Let the journey begin!!

Jeanne HendersonComment

Hi to my tribe!! I’d love to know who you are!! Send me your email so you can get a heads up when a new Blog is brewing!! So where do we begin…. Today is June 10, 2019!! just for the record!!!

I’d like to share that I have been busy busy working on an outline for a new book series focussing on Mary. I also am ‘re-writing’ a book I started years ago and never published it. I made a ton of hand made copies, but it just wasn't easy enough to publish with the extra things in it. It’s called “4 gifts to Jesus”. I am trying to get all my notes in order and I am looking for a writing coach or mentor to guide me along the way. I keep putting things off because, well life does get in there and must be attended to as well!! So ll in God’s time!! I do feel HIM tugging me along to get things going!! More updates on that later!!

So that is the soul part of my agenda here, now for the body part!! and I know, this is not for everybody, but I am just sharing what has worked for me. I have finally found a program I can relate to and believe it can work for me, yes it’s about ‘dieting’! But that word diet is just so overused. And actually there are so many diets out there it is entirely confusing and I believe, possibly on purpose, to keep us trying to find the right diet. Well I found the right diet for me, it’s the human diet. it’s not called the human diet, it just is. ” It draws its inspiration from evolutionary and functional medicine and nutritional anthropology.” It’s a 90 day program, which I just completed and I lost 42 inches and about 15 pounds. I have a much more awareness of what foods were giving me the most issues, and I had major issues. It has had its challenges and I am on the other side of that with success !! I am now training to be a certified coach, and the training is very intensive, but like the program, very structured for success!! So if you are interested in following me on that part of my journey, welcome aboard. See you next time, Not sure yet how often that will be, but it will become wha it needs to be!! In the mean time check out my new page called SELF CARE!!

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