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Moving Forward

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Hey Tribe, It seems most of you are able to connect via my facebook page “Get Wild to Get Fit To Live Joyfully” I know it a long name. If you are having trouble with facebook, please use the contact page or send an email so we can get you going in the direction you need to go!!

About Eric Emeades

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Eric is the founder of WildFit.  I’d like you to know more about him so I gathered this information so you could see the man behind the journey I have chosen to follow.  I find Eric both delightful and harsh.  He has a sensitive side, but will speak the truth because of his sincere passion.  He’s a breath of fresh air in so many ways.  He is a loving father and his wife must be a  very strong and passionate woman as well. Eric travels probably close to 200 days out of the year doing more than just WildFit.  He’s focused and truly passionate about all that he does, including his family. His speaking style is actually entertaining, I find him easy to listen to, but I can see that some might find him to be annoying in some ways.  I think he does that on purpose.  He’s made some amazing connections, e and a wealth of knowledge through experience.  He has the guts to speak the truth, but before he speaks he does his research.  He’s compassionate and empathetic in that you can tell he really cares about each person he speaks with, and to whatever audience he presents.  I suggest listening to his you tubes on anything. He is engaging and will make you laugh, make you think and ponder.  He will make you ask the right questions.  So the man behind this program I have decided to make a side career will be revealed here as my main source is his website, https://ericedmeades.com/about/, but there are many who agree with me. Eric is a phenomenal person who will say the right thing the right way to create the right change, the change that needs to happen to make this world a better place today and for our future generations.  

Check out his website and go to ABOUT. Learn more about the man behind WildFit!

WildFit is a program built for success

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Hi Tribe, yeah, I’m a bit sold on this whole WildFit thing. But seriously, I had been through the WeightWatchers and Adkins, Keto and Paleo and just so many more. They all worked for a short time. But I knew I couldn’t live that way forever. Well, the WildFit program is not really about losing weight as much as it is about being FIT. Fit enough to be able to be the best version of you possible. If that involves releasing pounds, then that will happen as your body begins to re-set. Itself. What I mean by that is that if your body is struggling with a particular issue, then it is not focusing on what it was meant to focus on. Case in point. My first Husband, may he enjoy the glories of heaven, Frank, told me one day totally out of the blue, Jeanne, my eye, I can’t see out of my eye. We went right around the block to our eye doctor. He checked him out and said, somethings is happening here, but I am going to refer you to this specialist, go there now. We went and on the way there his sight came back. Just like that, it came back. We arrived at the specialist and explained the circumstance and she explained to us after examining Frank’s eye, that this is not uncommon. What she surmised, and it turned out to be validated with another cardiology specialist, is that the brain made a decision to shut down the one eye while it redirected the flow of Frank’s carotid artery, which had just shut down due to a total blockage, and created a new ‘artery’ to allow the blood to redirect it’s flow. When that operation was done, the brain turned the sight back on to his eye. That just blew us away. The body can do that??? WOW. So if that is possible- imagine what else is possible. Here is a quote from one of the master coaches which I thought I would share here and hope is gives you some clarity about the potential of the WildFit program!! Granted, the program itself leads up to this level of health. 90 days. And it take 90 days to get to at least the start of this kind of ‘balance’. but once you haven it, you won’t want to go backwards. It’s more about the change of mindset than the change of eating this or that. Please keep sending my your questions and feedback. I haven’t figured out how to post your comments, but do get them! click this link for a success story /or copy past ! https://youtu.be/V_qb6Ypis4I

The WildFit principle that says - The closer a species adheres to its naturally evolved diet, the healthier that species will be - is the one that reminds us that when we support the body by creating the best circumstances we allow it to find its way towards balance

The WildFit food categories are broken into essentials, occasionals, rare and never. The more you can focus on the essentials and follow a cyclical style of eating, the closer you would be adhering to our naturally evolved diet

What I ate yesterday!

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So it ‘tis another season of celebrations. Graduations, Father’s Day, Birthdays and just family gatherings…. I could have easily not given in, but truth be told, I did. I used these eating out gatherings as a ‘test’ to see how my body would react to some ‘non-functional ‘ foods - like pasta and jalapeño bits stuffed with cheese and chocolate cake. It was a learning experience, i just needed to relearn. But actually, on WildFit, these can be compared to ‘cheat days.’ We just don’t call them ‘cheat’ days. It’s more like a rotation scenario. But it’s a post program option, along with a variety a fasting techniques. Once your body has been ‘re-set’ to the human diet, straying now and then in a controlled manner, is possible, without totally ruining all your progress. Once you have gone well beyond ‘will power’ - which only works temporarily at best - your power and your passion to live WildFit is just so much more satisfying. You become so much more aware of the benefits - on many levels, it’s more difficult to go off track than to just stay focused on what makes you feel so great!

Don’t forget to check out my Self Care page. Check out those links. I’ll be adding more links here in the blogs soon! So please feel free to join, comment and follow this amazing journey!!

Hang in there tribe!! I’m looking at Coaching my first class by the end of July, all things going as planned!! It would be a great time to start the 90 program! More on that later!!

Why I prefer WildFit to paleo and Keto

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Hi tribe, hope you were able to catch up. Did you read the previous posts yet. Jumping in here may be a bit confusing. I know this is body and soul, and today I am focusing on the body, our temple. It’s mostly about feeding our body a human diet as opposed to a ‘captured’ diet. I’ll explain captured diet in another post, but I get asked if WildFit is similar to Keto and or Paleo. It is somewhat close but there are major differences. Wildfit has seasons, which will are better to be experienced in the program the way it is laid out, and doesn’t seem like much until we get into the anthropological perspective. I know that sounds deep! But Keto and Paleo just have a list of foods to eat and you go from there. Paleo is a bit closer, but still not quite on the path to offer the most benefits. I can give you a list of foods, but it is actually more about your relationship with foods and understanding not only your body, but also the sourcing of the foods you eat. Yeah, not making headway here, but I can offer in person explanations to your questions, if you are interested in making permanent change, even reversing some issues. I have actually heard of cases where type 2 diabetes has actually been reversed and pre-diabetic completely reversed or brought back to normal. If you haven’t watched the video on my Self Care Tab for Nutrition, I suggest you take a few moments to do that, it’s an eye opener. Plus you get to meet Eric. He’s an amazing speaker. He’s authentic and strangely entertaining. Also, I will be able to offer one time discounts on June 26th at an EXPO in Independence. Let me know if you are interested in any details for that event or we can make arrangements to chat. Go to contact and let me hear what your concerns or questions. Also, anymore questions about Paleo or Keto? Let start a dialogue!!

Today about the body

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Hi Tribe, Don’t forget to sign up and be part of this journey, even if you just follow these blogs, it might be more than interesting, it might be the opportunity to pick up some information that can change the path of your life for the better. so today, instead of reading what I have to say, click on the link to watch this video, the same video that stopped me in my tracks to pay attention. I became curious and this is the video that lead me to learn so much more about nutrition and the power proper nutrition has on our ability to fight disease, to add to the quality of life and so much more. So, you could ignore this and go on the way your are, or be curious and take the few minutes to listen. My success is real, and I am becoming more and more passionate to share what I have learned. So without further chattering on my part…. click this link to find out more about a program that can truly enable you to become empowered to improve your own health and become the best YOU hat God intended!! Enjoy!! Come back and comment!!

Wellcome aboard!! Let the journey begin!!

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Hi to my tribe!! I’d love to know who you are!! Send me your email so you can get a heads up when a new Blog is brewing!! So where do we begin…. Today is June 10, 2019!! just for the record!!!

I’d like to share that I have been busy busy working on an outline for a new book series focussing on Mary. I also am ‘re-writing’ a book I started years ago and never published it. I made a ton of hand made copies, but it just wasn't easy enough to publish with the extra things in it. It’s called “4 gifts to Jesus”. I am trying to get all my notes in order and I am looking for a writing coach or mentor to guide me along the way. I keep putting things off because, well life does get in there and must be attended to as well!! So ll in God’s time!! I do feel HIM tugging me along to get things going!! More updates on that later!!

So that is the soul part of my agenda here, now for the body part!! and I know, this is not for everybody, but I am just sharing what has worked for me. I have finally found a program I can relate to and believe it can work for me, yes it’s about ‘dieting’! But that word diet is just so overused. And actually there are so many diets out there it is entirely confusing and I believe, possibly on purpose, to keep us trying to find the right diet. Well I found the right diet for me, it’s the human diet. it’s not called the human diet, it just is. ” It draws its inspiration from evolutionary and functional medicine and nutritional anthropology.” It’s a 90 day program, which I just completed and I lost 42 inches and about 15 pounds. I have a much more awareness of what foods were giving me the most issues, and I had major issues. It has had its challenges and I am on the other side of that with success !! I am now training to be a certified coach, and the training is very intensive, but like the program, very structured for success!! So if you are interested in following me on that part of my journey, welcome aboard. See you next time, Not sure yet how often that will be, but it will become wha it needs to be!! In the mean time check out my new page called SELF CARE!!

Hear the details from the source! Listen to an interview with Eric Edmeades on Why diets don’t work…